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The I love fly fishing store had its website on the Magento platform that lacked the features it needed or simply it was very expensive to add on those features on Magento. They were looking to move over, but didn’t want it to become too time-consuming and expensive with only minimal benefits from doing so – this is where we came in! Together, our team helped them build out a new woocommerce website which includes migrating all the old product data as well as any customizations made during the setup. With our help, the I love flyfishing store was able to move its website data from Magento onto a more powerful platform. They’re now equipped with exciting features like customer role-based pricing, a smart coupon system, back in stock notifier and an affiliate program! You won’t regret working alongside specialists who know what matters most when moving large volumes across different platforms: speed & efficiency without losing quality or creativity along the way.

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